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Well, it's been about nine months since I last blogged, so I guess i better update. I have recently given birth to a 9lb 2 oz baby boy....yeah right! Anyway, a lot has been happening. I finally sold my house. With the procedes all of my credit cards have been paid off and I have money in the bank. It's kinda nice. I purchased a new laptop (probably my inspiration for blogging again), took a vaca to Virginia Beach with Jule, and am ready to start my last semester of college.

So, all things are well for now.
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I bought the new Jennifer Lopez CD today. Before I bought it, I was totally jammin to "Jenny from the Block" on the radio. I bought the CD solely for that of the biggest no-nos of CD buying. And this time it bit me in the ass. I have never heard such a horrible Cd in my life. Every freakin' song (above mentioned excepted) is a sappy ballad obviously directed at Ben Affleck. It's bad enough I have to see their picture in every magazine. The third track is called "Dear Ben"...that is what the album should be called. Don't even consider buying it...come listen to mine first.
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Since no one wants to comment on my page anymore...maybe if i give you all a question, you will reply. Here gos: Who is your favorite diva?

I have several, so I will pick a few:

Movie Divas: Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Midler and Judy Garland (and music)
Music Divas: Madonna and Liza Minnilli
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Movies Jule (and the rest of the world) should see:
1. Mildred Pierce
2. Harriet Craig
3. The Women
4. I Could Go On Singing
5. Cabaret
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Work It, Joan!

c at 12:09 PM

11.17.2002 - this site is hilarious. Make sure to click the my cats link. We need to submit pics of Sara'a cat on here....
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"Christina, Christopher, DAMNIT!"
Some of you probably know that I have always been obsessed with classic movie stars and singers. Especially, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. However, I have not seen many of the movies they have made. So, this weekend I have done nothing but rent a ton of old movies and camp out on my bed. If you love Joan, I highly reccomend Mildred Pierce and Harriet Craig. And, the best Joan movie of all time (even thought it probably made her roll over in her grave) Mommie Dearest . Marilyn is easy, go for Some Like it Hot or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And, last but certainly not least, you must see Judy in I Could Go On Singing. It is the last movie she did before she died. She was fabulous in a way singers just aren't fabulous anymore. Interesting fact: There was a tornado in Kansas on the day Judy died. Anyway, happy movie watching everybody....
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There is a lady on tv named Norma Jean. It is just tacky to name your daughter that. It would be like naming your son Elvis.
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Did you all know that Tina Turner was offered the part of Shug Avery in The Color Purple, and turned it down?
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The kiddies in my Ethnic Studies class did not know what a blue book was. I am too damn old to be here anymore.
c at 10:42 AM

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

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Case in Point
"I came to the realization that a strong female is frightening to everybody, because all societies are male-dominated--black societies, poor people, rich people, any racial group; they're all dominated by men. A strong female is going to threaten everybody across the board...I know the majority of Americans think I walk around my house [with] jodhpurs on and a whip...that I eat men for breakfast and send out my limousine driver to pick up bushels of young men and women, and I let everybody else make my business decisions for me. Even really successful, intelligent men are so fucking scared of me and buy into the hype." -- Madonna Spin, January 1996

c at 1:54 PM

Here ya go, Brian! This explains a lot :)
c at 2:43 AM


In my Ethnic Studies class today, we read and discussed this article about how Madonna has borrowed elements of black culture throughout her career. Everyone seemed to agree, but almost all admited that they did not know much about her nor were they fans. I completely disagree. The only instance in which I think she used elements of black culture was for the video for "Music", where she is pimpin' in the back of a limo. And, even then it is a stretch. Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this. I don't really see where she has used black culture. Her career can be looked at in stages: 80's pop, erotica, spiritualism (Ray of light), and modern Dance/techno. I do not see how these correlate to black culture. I think it is a better judgement to say that she borrowed from a male dominated culture. She did things that women in music, or in general, were not doing. She grabbed her crotch and made other leud gestures that were not acceptable for women to make. She even taunts the male culture in her lyrics. There is a line in "Erotica" that says "Would it sound better if i were a man?" So, someone please tell me how she has borrowed black culture for her own material gain.
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I went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night. It was really good! You all need to go see it. Seriously, it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It keeps you interested and laughing the whole movie. It is easy to see why it has done so well in the box office simply by word of mouth. I read in The Columbus Dispatch today that it will likely gross $200 million, while it only cost $5 million to make. Therefore, it is the most successful indie film of all time.
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I've managed to somehow get a second dose of this flu/cold bug that has been going around. I woke up with an upset stomach. I am supposed to drive to Columbus tonight, but I am not sure if I feel up to it.

I have been watching TLC all day long. I am in one of my cynical moods thanks to A Wedding Story. All of these "madly in love" perfect people, will probably pull a J. Lo and divorce within a year. Also, these people's taste in dresses and tuxes, or lack thereof, appalls me sometime.
c at 2:52 PM

"Let's get phil-o-soph-ical!"

Question of the day: If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience would you do so? If not, why not? Which is more important: actual experiences, or the memories that remain when the experiences are over?

My View: It would be easier for me to do this rather than the "could you spend a year in perfect happiness and never be able to tell anyone about it" thing. I have a big mouth. To supress it is not easy.

(sidenote: did y'all get the Olivia Newton-John reference?)
c at 1:31 AM

"It's Iris Myandowski, the hand-walking queer!"
I got "Beaches" on DVD at the library today. I haven't watched this movie in so looks great on DVD.
c at 1:17 AM


Why is it that no matter where I move, I always have people living on the floor below me that play loud ghetto music?? When I had my ground-floor apartment, the lady that lived next door to me was Mexican. She always played salsa music, it was cool.
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well, now it looks like they are all not underlined. They seem to change on and off. Oh Well.....

I have been watching HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO onDemand. It is so funny! Very seinfeld-ish. I need to start watching Seinfeld. Tomorrow night I am going to make myself watch The West Wing. I know that I would love it, and it continues to win all kinds of awards. And being that it is all about Government and the Presidency, the geek in me would love it. So, I am going to force myself to...Someone keep me accountable.
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Back By Popular Demand
Ok, I am going to give this a shot again. I love this new template. It is sort of bare bones right now, but I will be adding things every once in a while. It is nice to be back, but I remember why I left. HTML hates me! Look to the left...Kim and Brian are not underlined and there are those weird A-things. Someone who knows what the hell they are doing, help!
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Who messed with my template? I added this, but someone previously changed it! JULE!
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I completely snapped the antenna of my cell phone off. My $50 phone is still intact, but no, I have to break the $500 one. At any rate, I am not recieving hardly any phone calls and I cannot call out, so sorry to those of you who have been trying to get a hold of me on it. I hope to get it fixed tomorrow.
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This was too funny not to post for myself
Courtesy of Stephanie's sister, Kelli
"I have boobs. I workout. Why are these two things seemingly at such odds with eachother? I have one sports bra that I have worn since I was in high school. It is way too small, has the uni-boob effect, and I spill out of it all over the place. But I wear it because it's the only one I've ever found that remotely fits. I tried on every XL sportsbra in Target today. And my boobs were too big for every damn one of them. Even in their regular bras... They had like 5 styles of "full figure" bras (all very industrial and non-sexy), and no cute bras in DD cups. I know Lane Bryant carries them (and undies, which I also want), but they are just so damn expensive. Is it too much to ask to want good, sexy and reasonably priced bras for both working out and general wear? Apparently so."
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Thursday August 3, 1993, 1pm
A Moment that I am unable to forget. Surrounded by my family, I, a scared 13-year old, watched as my Mom lost her battle with cancer. It's been 9 years, almost to the minute. It is hard to believe how far I have come in 9 years. I was forced to grow up that day. Suddenly, the world seemed more fragile. Life seemed more sacred. All at the same time, it seemed unfair. Why was it my Mom that died? It never happened to any of my friends, just me. I watch them all spend time with their Moms and buy them Mother Day cards every year. I would give anything to go back to when i was 10-years old. The world was a little more innocent and just. I had no problems, no worries. I had my parents. How could they have known that at 22-years old i would be left with neither one of them? My life has changed drastically. An Aunt and Uncle have stepped up to by my serrogate parents. In a way I consider myself lucky - I have a ton of family and friends that love me. But, after 9 years, I have learned one important lesson. To hold on to what I have when i have it - it just might be gone tomorrow.
c at 12:56 PM


I am in the middle of a shopping excursion. But, it is pouring down rain, I stopped by the library to kill some time until it lets up. Anyway, I am sitting here at the computer. A few seconds ago, the electricity went out. There were 4 chinese people sitting across from me and they started freaking out. They were getting all paniced and stuff. You would think that there had been a terrorist attack or something. The librarian had to come calm them was hilarious. It took much effort to keep from busting out laughing.
c at 10:13 AM


After dinner with my family tonight, we all went and saw Road to Perdition. Being the movie buff I am here is my take:

I was not as impressed with it as I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong it was a good movie, just not a spectacular movie. Throughout the movie, in particularly the beginning, it moves very slow. I originally attributed this to poor directing. Sam Mendes, of American Beauty fame, was the director. But, I didn't originally know that RTP is an adaptation form a book. The screenwritier, David Self, also did the screenplay for Thirteen Days (a terrible movie). So, that explains it. Anyway, RTP gets a thumbs up. I expect to see it recognized at the Golden Globes and maybe the Oscars. However, if you only have enough money to see one movie that is out right now, see Minority Report over RTP.
c at 5:17 AM


I've had those days
"When shit brings you down, just say 'Fuck it,' and eat yourself some motherfucking candy." - Paul Sedaris, You Can't Kill the Rooster
c at 5:02 AM


I caught Sorority Life on MTV last night. OMG, like I do not see enough of that shit for 9 months out of the year. What is up with the chick Jessica (the President, I think) talking in gossip circles about that one partier pledge. Then, she starts saying stuff about that one chick who is a little on the chubby side. Please, i am not sure I can handle this show. Oh, and when they took that party girl outside and reprimanded her just because they didn't like her. Whatever!

Anyway, I also watched Headliners and Legends about Maculay Culkin. It was fascinating. He is my age - remember the whole Home Alone thing? My Mom loved that movie.

I went out and had a couple drinks with my cousin to celebrate the 4th. I overslept my family's gettogether yesterday afternoon. So, that kinda sucked. I was really looking forward to the picnic food. I was cravin' baked beans in the worst way. So, I opened up a can and doctored them up to make them decent. I was surprised - they were better than normal. However, the only thing I ate yesterday was baked beans. That cannot be good for me in the longrun - not to mention what it did to me last night...anyway, that is gross.

I am so bored right now, I cannot get back to sleep and I am too tired to go do anything...
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Google Search

- Charla is an open source Mac OS X application for accessing Yahoo! chat.

- If you are looking for the Bilingual Women of NASA Charla, click here

- Charla researches the history, meaning and legends of each name. She then designs the name based on her findings. ...

- Prisoners in Recife, Brazil, find victory in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Charla and Houston Greenhaw.

- In Memory of Charla. Born 25 December 1987 Died 24 February 2001. (This might creep me out a little, except this is about a dog)

- The 700 Club > Features Charla's Children Remarkable stories of one women's love for children and their amazing stories of restoration ...

- Write a Letter to Charla -. Help her through her own Struggle

- Charla is a darling 24" artist porcelain doll
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I'd like to poll the audience, Regis!
I want to change the banner on my cell phone, but I do not know what to change it to. Leave me ideas on the comments.

I was at Half Price Books tonight and found the Princess Diana book written by Andrew Morton for 50 cents! However, the whole experience felt shallow and unjoyful. I think it is because Jule was not with me. Jule, I haven't talked to you or seen you forever. Call me!
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The Aunt and Uncle are back from vacation. So much for freedom - well, actually no. I can do basically whatever I want. But, it was nice to have them away for awhile. But, in the same respects, it is good to have them home.

There was this little fiasco tonight over my Uncle Dave's Sister being locked out of her house. It was 2 am and my Aunt Jean wanted to go to bed. So, I drove this lady all over the city of Columbus looking for someone with a key to her place. That all on less than 1/4 tank of took the majority of the night to get things straightened out.

I am supposed to take my Grandma shopping today - yay for me.
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I have been sitting here all night bored. I wanted a really good, old movie to watch. Something classic. But, nothing was on cable. So, I went to look through my Aunt's videos. I know that she mostly has kids stuff for whenever kids come over. I figured that I could find something half decent. As I looked through the 2 stacks of movies, I saw it. BEACHES! Yay! That sounds so perfect. I am going to go watch!
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Mood: Bored.
Music: I am really into the new Pink CD
Taste: I have not eaten a single mosel of food today, and I am not hungry
Hair: Getting to the point where it needs cut again
Annoyance: This high speed AOL hardly ever works
Desktop Picture: QAF calendar
Favorite Group: Not really any groups. All Madonna baby!
Refreshment: cherry 7-up
Worry: Money, what else?

1. What do you most like about your body?: I like my feet.
2. And least?: my nose
3. How many fillings do you have?: None. =)
4. Do you think you're good looking?: I've seen a lot worse
5. Who would you look like if you could look like anyone besides yourself?: Madonna
6. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: I hear it sometimes
7. Do you look like any celebrities?: not really

1. Do you wear a watch?: yes, a fossil metal...from their line of "Fossil Blue"
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: I could never begin to count. Way too many!!!!
3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: no skirt. pants. jeans.
4. Most expensive item of clothing?: Tommy Hilfiger penny-loafers
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: Sketchers
6. Describe your style in one word: ordinary

1. Do your friends 'know' you?: some do.
2. What do they tend to be like?: fun
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: Yeah, my sense of humor
4. How many people do you tell everything to?: 2

1. Favorite band ever?: Aerosmith
2. Most listened to bands: I don't listen to many bands, just solo artists.
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: Madonna
4. Can you play an instrument?: Yes, trumpet
5. Type of music most listened to?: Pop, and techno.
6. Type never listened to?: rap
7. Tour of your dreams? Drowned World Tour
8. Favorite book?: A Christopher browning that i cannot remember the title to.
9. Favorite authors?: John Grisham, Christopher Browning
10. Favorite movies?: Steel Magnolias, Beaches, When harry Met Sally, Three to Tango...the list is endless

-- Underwear --
1. Ladies, do you like to wear thongs?: NO!
2. What's your favorite type of underwear?: Hanes Her Way cotton.
3. What color underwear are you wearing right now?: white
4. What is the nicest color for underwear?: white
5. Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra?: NO!.
6. Do you make it a habit of showing people your underwear?: no

1. Do you detest religion?: no
2. How do you think this universe was formed?: God made everything
3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant?: not ignorant. They honestly feel like what they are doing is right
4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose? die

1. What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: whatever
2. Do you detest homosexuality?: No
3. Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?: A loving home is a loving home...that is that.
4. What do you think about abortion?: I believe that the law should not stand in the way of a womans right to choose to do what she wants with her own body
5. Do you think our justice system works?: Not really.
6. Do you think rape should carry a heavier sentence?: yes

1. Who do you think is the smartest man alive at the moment?: Saddam gets away with tons of shit and has for years.
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: Yes
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: Yeah.
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: asleep
c at 11:46 PM


My life in a coma...
Yesterday i did not wake up until 4pm. I went to sleep again at 9pm and slept until 7am. i stayed up for awhile, ran some arrands and i was back in bed by noon. I slept until 4pm again. now, if all of this is not bad enough, i am still tired.

I am waiting for my cousin to get home. We are driving to Blowing Green tonight for a couple of relaxing days. There is some family in town and we are both desperate to avoid them. When we get back, everyone will be on vacation and the house will be all ours. Fun times! See ya in a few.....
c at 7:21 PM


I had lunch at Schmidt's with the Steph the other day. It was really good to see and talk with her. We had good food and good conversation. I guess this time it was "good times and (german potato) salad". We need to keep in touch better though. I am glad that I will be home for a few months, it gives me a good amount of time to catch up with my friends.
c at 1:07 AM


Monday Madness
1) What is your favorite type of TV show? I like a lot actually...comedies, documentaries, dramas. I do not care for reality shows, except for the MTV stuff.
2) What is your favorite type of music? Mostly pop, dance and a little groovy stuff (i.e Billy Holiday)
3) What is your favorite type of person? Someone who is honest and accepts people for what they are. Someone who doesn't judge.
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